2016-06-05 Sun


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Summer will soon be here. Week before last we had a frost warning; honest!

This week it feels too hot to walk down the street.



So I bought four beefsteak tomatoes, some spring onions. I already had ginger root in stock for my endless batch of ginger cakes.

Rinse the lot.

Chop the tomato into the thinnest slices you can. I get this done by using a full-of-awe sharp knife. My carpentry teacher Mr. Hewison taught me back in 1957 “Hold Tightly; Press Lightly”. In other words, ‘stay in control”, and this is best achieved with an awfully sharp knife.

Toss the slivers of tomato into an ice-cream bowl.

Chop/dice into 1 millimetre rings about one inch off the top of the spring onions.

Toss them over the tomato slivers.

Grate about one inch off the end of a ginger root.

Toss the gratings over the green and red slivers.

That’s the stage I’m at in the photo above.

I have a rubbing-alcohol bottle rinsed out and re-charged with a mixture of vegetable oil and vinegar.

Drizzle about a tablespoon of this mixture over the salad.

Toss the salad lightly with a fork.

Settle yourself down on the couch with “The Chairs are Where the People Go”.


P.S. If you find it too hot to trot out for ginger root, try grated cheese, but I’m telling you – it’s nowhere near as good as grated ginger root.

(signed) “Cheesy Lover” of Toronto.