2016-06-03 Fri


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I’d love to know whether these sorts of phrases are full of purpose, or whether the Toronto Star Editors are just too out-of-tune to care.

Given the number of times Toronto Police “To Serve and Protect”) get to loosen off their guns at the mentally ill and disadvantaged, I’d have used a phrase other than “Magic Bullet”.

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Erick Lamming, a University of Toronto PhD Criminology Student is quoted as saying “It’s not a magic bullet” and “But jumping the gun ... is not the way to go”.


The studies quoted lean towards the view that body cameras may not (or may) increase Police Accountability.

Police Accountability is not the goal here.

Toronto Police need to be SEEN to be doing something that acknowledges that they harbour a bunch of trigger-happy thugs.

Whether or not body cameras reduce these legalized killings, the Police need to make statements that they are aware of the problem.