2016-06-02 Thu

Second Use For Everything (SUFE)

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN4097.JPG

My life took a downward turn yesterday morning. As is my wont, I took yesterday’s papers to the little garbage room to toss them into the blue bins before setting off on my morning walk.

The two blue bins – about two feet square and a foot high – are gone!

They are replaced by a Wheelie Bin.

Now there is less chance to Reuse Material such as Jam Jars, Bottles and so on that are thrown out for Recycling by residents. Some of the good stuff will be buried, invisible, beneath the top layer in the wheelie bin.

I am quite possibly the only resident in this building who Scavenges for Reusable stuff in Recycling Bins, and I am certain that I am the only one on my floor who scavenges.

This wheelie-bin ploy will not, therefore, affect the building adversely.

Only I am changed by it.

But my life has changed.