2016-05-30 Mon


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There is much ado about Marijuana availability in the newspapers these past three weeks.

I know, I know, the Marijuana isnít being distributed with newspapers; the newspapers are printing reports about Police Raids, reactions from the Man-In-The-Street and so on.

I am reminded of a statement I heard, oh, twenty years ago, made by a fellow who used to drink Alcohol but who had stopped drinking alcohol. He recounted a conversation he had had with someone else who had asked him:-

Why do you drink?

To Feel Better!

Better than what?

Better than how I do feel!

Well, how do you feel?

I feel rotten!

Why do you feel rotten?

Because I , , , and the list went on

Well, why donít you pay back a bit of the money?

And so on.

The point being that drinking to change the way you feel about a problem just means that once you sober up, the problem is still there and it has grown worse by a day.

Better to pay $5 off your $2,000 debt than spend it on drink.

I suspect the same must be true for using any sort of Self-Prescribed or Recreational Drug. If using it makes you feel better, fix what makes you feel bad rather than try to paint over the feelings with a drug