2016-05-28 Sat

Clear Thinking

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN4083.JPG

William The Conqueror would be proud to know that there was no record worth keeping prior to his invasion of England!

Unless, of course, Brian Mulroney got his history wrong.


I moved in here four years ago. A month or two after I moved in, work began on construction of a 60-storey condominium. Earlier this year work began on construction of a second 60-storey condominium. I have previously documented the number of construction cranes that can be seen from my windows.

Grit and mud and dust and noise are a central feature of downtown Toronto.

Dust covers everything – the TV, bookshelves, counters, floors. Fighting the dust is about as sensible as fighting ants or bacteria.

The most extraordinary display of dust comes from my socks!

I wear socks and shoes when I am out walking. My feet and ankles sweat, dust adheres to the traces of moisture and by the time I am home and remove my socks that have a thin, invisible to these human eyes, coating of MUD!

If I sit on the bed the next morning and tug on my socks, the moisture having dried away, the force of the air expelled through a sock as my foot is thrust into it creates a highly visible PUFF of dust, like a sphere.

That is the dust that adhered to my socks during the previous day’s walk.

The dust is visible because it scatters the daylight in my bedroom.

Dusty socks, more than any other manifestation, reminds me of my environment each day.