2016-05-27 Fri

Clear Thinking

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I dislike these sorts of statements:-

“Since 1989 ... Trade has more than tripled”

“Since 1989 ... GDP has more than doubled”

“Since 1989 ... created 4.6 million New Jobs”

It is all Blather-Speak and the numbers convey no real facts, but just by being Numbers they Masquerade as Facts.

Which is to say that they lie.

Which makes it sound as if the writer is lying.

Snap Quiz:

(1) To what extent has Canada’s Population increased since 1989? Has it doubled?

(2) To what extent has Canada’s Working/Employable population increased since 1989? Has it doubled?

(3) Does GDP include Productive Output of Service jobs, or does it measure only tangibles (Timber, Cars, Oil etc)

(4) How far has Canada migrated to a Service Economy since 1989? Have the number of Service Positions doubled? What has happened to the manufacturing workforce? How much more automated is the Manufacturing Workforce in 2016 compared to 1989?

(5) Regardless of any increase in working/employable population, these 4.6 million new jobs, are they “real” jobs, or do they include three people working part-time as Checkout Clerks in a Supermarket, replacing the one full-time worker who used to get Paid Vacation, Dental Benefits and so on?

(6) If you were to ask three of your friends in the 18-65 year old range whether they thought that they were better off in any material sense than they were twenty-seven years ago, what would their reply be? (You know what I mean: Don’t bother asking an 18-year old what his life was like 27 years ago ...)

Service Canada – Maybe!

Back on Tuesday 17th May I wrote what was then the latest in an almost six-month saga of my attempts to get Service Is NOT Our Middle Name Canada to switch my Direct Deposit from one bank to another. You’ll note that I was not trying to set up Direct deposit – that was done years ago. I was not trying to change my address. That was done years ago. Just “Please switch the details from the RBC to the BMP”.

Today the pension cheques arrived with the silent “Thump!”s that only direct deposits can emit; both into my desired account (BMO).

If Service Canada runs true to its form over the past six months, one, or the other, or both cheques will end up back in the old account next month.

Only time will tell.

No-one else can predict what will happen.

Especially hen Service Canada is involved.