2016-05-23 Mon

Clear Thinking

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I was tackled yet again last week (and very nicely too) on my position on Global Cooling/Global Warming/Climate Change.

I remain unmoved. I am a firm believer in Climate Change. How else can I explain the disappearance of the two-MILE thick layer of ice that used to cover the area now known as Toronto?

Obviously the climate today is a warmer climate than that of 15,000 years ago.

For more, just search my web site for the word “Climate” or read here or here .

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And here you go.

The Fort McMurray fire is a Big Deal only because it is AT Fort McMurray. In an uninhabited part of the province it would be just-another-huge-fire that would ultimately burn out, as forest fires have been doing ever since trees appeared on earth (a billion or more years ago).

The Fort McMurray fire can account for 10% of Canada’s total emissions. And some fires might account for as much as 40%.

It takes only 40% plus 20% plus 10% to reach 70%, so three major fires can account for (or “match” if you prefer) Canada’s total emissions (or even “Canada’s total emissions BY HUMANS”).

Bottom Line: Human contribution is measurably minute compared to Forest Fires (around the world), Volcanoes (around the world) and any other major act of nature you care to contribute.

And we ARE talking about nature here, as in “natural”.

I refuse to be stampeded into panicking.

At the same time I insist on using Public Transit, walking as much as possible, buying non-packaged goods, vermicomposting every gram of kitchen scraps, finding a Second Use For Everything (search my web site for “SUFE") and generally minimizing my foot-print.


Sixty years ago today my parents, my sister and I climbed aboard the New Australia which steamed (literally!) out of Southampton and headed for Port Said, Aden, Colombo, Fremantle and points east. We hopped off at Fremantle.

I was not quite ten years old, and had little concept of what we were doing, what was going on. I can remember my parents standing on the deck with us staring at the White Cliffs of Southampton, I suppose with a teariness – “The last view of the old country” – although they were to return after a mere twelve years in Australia.

Me? I was brought up in Australia amongst cheerful Australian folks. I am, deep within my heart, Australian, not English.