2016-05-22 Sun


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Last week the Toronto Star ran an amusing story about a Journalist in Paris asking for copies of files.

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Some by-now chastised clerk used Scissors and Adhesive Tape to blank out Incriminating Sections and (we suppose) photocopied the results, was supposed to send the photocopies off in the mail, but looks like they sent the cut-and-paste-over versions instead.

So as far as the newspaper report went, there was a bit of a mix-up.


What I want to know is:-

If the journalist got the originals, who got the blanked-out photocopies?

My guess is that the clerk mailed off the originals and then filed the heavily-edited photocopies in the originals filing cabinet.

Hah hah!

Now the Public Health Agency of Canada will have to ask very, very sweetly if they ever want to know what is on the originals.