2016-05-21 Sat

The Toronto Transit Commission

... have produced yet-another-effort at a Ride-Guide.

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN4064.JPG

This time a Micro-Foldout that has proved to be so useless in Paris.

A little-biddy chunk of paper that tells you too little of what you need to know.

But of the ten panels, one panel is given over to art-work, which doesn’t help the Frazzled Traveler at all, at all, at all.

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN4065.JPG

Another panel is given over to what-to-do-when-we-shut-down.

When, not if.

Say what you like about the Toronto Transit Commission – it’s not every subway system that includes permanent instructions on what to do when the system is inexplicably shut down.

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Since the UPExpress arrived in July 2015 the Toronto Transit Commission has tried to pretend that they too have a subway line that reaches out to the Airport.

They don’t, but the sad truth is that less than 3% of airport travelers take the UPExpress anyway. I don’t know what proportion use personal transport (picked up by Mum or Dad), or use a taxi, but of the proportion who might take the UPExpress, the bulk of them have to get on the Toronto Transit Commission to get to Uncle Griswold’s in Scarborough anyway, so you may as well hop on the 192 to Kipling and ride out to Scarborough without a 5-minute walk lugging your suitcase between the UP Express and the Toronto Transit Commission barriers.

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Presto, of course, still isn’t implemented despite the Toronto Transit Commission’s brave face to cover up its foot-dragging over the past ten years.

Until Presto is available at ALL subway stations and on ALL buses as well as ALL streetcars (as distinct from “all streetcar lines”) I daren’t leave home without my tokens or tickets, because chances are I’ll need them anyway.

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And here you go.

Service Interruptions are so common and frequent in the downtown core that not only is it not worth our while to provide buses, but it is worth our while to set aside this panel to tell you to walk!