2016-05-18 Wed


We had a Pest-Control Team in the building yesterday. The guy who did my apartment was very observant. Same old story – when you do what you do day in and day out, you’ve seen it all, learned a lot, and become quite expert at it. I was impressed.

So I asked a few questions.

Turns out that the stuff they are using cannot be purchased in Canada, or maybe in Ontario.

About half a dozen years back, a ban was instituted on Poisons commonly used on lawns and such. I think the idea was that we would not be poisoning quite as many birds and bees (and worms and ...) and I think of it as a good idea.

For one thing I always welcome the Carpets of Dandelions, those bright yellow cheery folks who trumpet spring full-voice after the third warm day of the season.

Householders have been raised (for the past fifty years) to moan at even one dandelion that interrupts the boring expanse of lawn.

But I digress.

So nowadays an ordinary person cannot walk into the local hardware store and but toxic stuff for annoyance suppression, whether the annoyance is bright yellow Dandelions or Cockroaches or Mice or ...

Gotta use soap-based stuff; or spring-traps (mice).

Except here is the pest-control firm using products that are banned for us regular folks.

OK. So if you are a pest-control firm you know what you are doing and will use the stuff judiciously.

Got it!

Except, my friend told me, if there is a single cockroach (mouse, bedbug etc) seen in an apartment we are supposed to tell management straight away so that they can schedule a visit from the pest control people. Good for business for the pest-control firm.

Trouble is, I, like I suppose many people in this building, have learned that management is largely unresponsive to written work-orders and completely unresponsive to any oral orders, so most folks just go out and bay a can of Raid or similar and paint their apartment with toxic stuff, stuff which in “atomized” form settles on every cooking and eating surface willy-nilly.

Instead of being applied at strategic points.

My friend showed me a video on his smart phone, a different building thank heavens, but a moving carpet of cockroaches. It was, he said, a building populated with people of dubious mental health.\But that condition applies to a great many of us as we pass through old age. Things which seemed important when we were younger we shrug off now as being, to us, unimportant in what’s left of the Long Run.

Then of course there are folks with Dementia, folks on Sleeping Draughts, Alcohol, Marijuana and a host of Medications who might be quite “out of it”.

I suppose that I could have a friend in the USA buy me a tube or can of forbidden fruit and ship it to me.