2016-05-15 Sun

Clear Thinking

More discussion over the past two weeks on the non-plans to replace First-Past-the-Post Voting.

There seems to be a consensus that First-Past-the-Post Voting is maybe not so good, and the two major contenders are the family of systems called Preferential Voting, and the other family called Proportional Representation

Back on Wednesday 16th December last year I wrote about this non-problem suggesting that we pick either one on a coin-toss, since we are all agreed at least that anything is better than First-Past-the-Post Voting

According to various reports in the media

(1) Canadians can’t make up their minds whether Proportional is better than Preferential, or vice-versa, and so we should stick with what we’ve got, that is, First-Past-the-Post Voting

(2) Proportional is better than Preferential, and anyway, Preferential would have been unfair in the most recent election.

(3) Preferential is better than Proportional, and anyway, Proportional would have been unfair in the most recent election.

Canadians are poorly educated in mathematics as evidenced by the crowds that flock out to throw money at the poker machines and the bookmakers out at Woodbine Racetrack in the west end of Toronto.

It seems to me that even those Canadians who are poorly educated in mathematics have a glimmer of intelligence. Horse Racing allows you to bet on “First” and “Place”, I think that’s how it goes.

You can hedge your bets.

You can bet that your chosen horse will win (that is, is the first horse to run past the winning-post), or you can bet that your chosen horse will be one of the first three horses to run past the winning post.

Dumb Canadians recognize that an all-or-nothing First-Past-the-Post choice is at least uninteresting and possibly unfair to punters/voters.


Toss a coin.

Hold the next four federal elections with alternate systems.

Then hold a referendum.

But get ON with it!

Vermicomposting (SUFE)

Back on Monday 4th April I reported progress in my Lamb-Bulb Vermicomposter. Here is an update.

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN4059.JPG

The view above shows that Bacteria, and presumably Castings, have pretty well covered the Shredded Paper.

I say “pretty well” because I cannot see the centre of the bulb.

The paper has turned to a grayish-pinkish mush and Worms are Visible.

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN4060.JPG

I estimate that there are a dozen worms in here, but I won’t be able to count unless I break open the bulb and ferret around. I don’t like the idea of driving the worms out with heat (too cruel) or aridity (too cruel) or flooding (too cruel and too risky)

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN4061.JPG

I have marked with lines some of the visible worms. It could be argued that there are fewer than twelve worms and I am seeing only different parts of the same body of a worm. If so, then it is a very long worm, whose body Exhibits Striped Characteristics in some parts, and has three differently patterned ends!