2016-05-14 Sat


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I have been writing poetry since I was in 4th year high-school, so aged 16 or 17. That poetry is lost. Since around 1990 I have accumulated almost one hundred poems.

Then I stumbled upon Asquith Publishing in the Toronto Reference Library. Asquith offers an opportunity to self-publish works in hard-copy book form.

One can have printed and bound a public domain work such as can be found in Gutenberg, or one can publish one’s own work.

I chose 30 poems and published a pretty simple book so that I could work through the entire process and see what is involved, following the Asquith guidelines, and it was well worth it.

The vanity factor is present – there truly is something wonderful about being allowed to extract the first copy as it rolls out of the machine. The first hard-copy book I have ever made. In my hands.

All up the exercise cost me less than a hundred dollars, and was well worth it. Two operators complimented me on being smart in running a simple trial before committing to the time expense of editing, proofing, rewriting and so on.

I ran off six copies and just for the sake of being able to brag, I signed one copy and gave it to an operator. Now I can say that a book-signing was held in the Toronto Reference Library on the day of publication!

Success in Advertising

How I love taking photos of disastrous spelling and signage when businesses self-promote.

And Toronto is a city of gold; it must be; they are always digging holes to find it.

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This asphalt-patched stretch on the west side of Yonge Street south of St Clair avenue and north of Bloor street has been a familiar sight since I began exercising by walking up to the free lunchtime concerts at Yorkminster Park Baptist church.

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But this week I was attracted to what I had taken to be graffiti-like crud.

It is a beautifully-rendered piece of art, and it extends the full length of the asphalt patch.

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And it is right in front of Le Petit Gourmet.