2016-05-10 Tue


Christopher Greaves MondayWalk.png

I meant for this to be more impressive, honest!

Yesterday I walked through Ryerson University to collect a Toronto Star, then down to Bell Trinity Square to do some internet stuff. I walked to a meeting at Wellington and Bathurst for eleven oíclock, then straight up Bathurst street to the Sanderson branch of the Toronto Public Library Ė they have a grand collection of Spanish material Ė then continued north up Bathurst to Bloor, west to Christie to get some photocopying done.

That has taken me clockwise from my red-blob starting point to the top-left corner of the dotted area.

The plan was to walk home, but instead I took the subway to the Toronto Reference Library to collect my first published book (but not my first published work!) and walked home.

Still and all later in the afternoon I walked back to Bay subway station for a Spanish tutorial, then to St Paulís for ESL and walked home, so the planned journey of ten kilometres is probably fairly accurate.

And today?

Today I walked through Ryerson University to collect a Toronto Star, then home again, then up to Yorkminster Park Baptist church for the noontime concert Ė first time in MY life that Iíve heard TWO premieres of pieces for Violin and Marimba Ė and then walked up past Eglinton to Orchard park Boulevard where I sit waiting for another Spanish tutorial before heading home.

That will make over twelve kilometres today, if I walk home. And it IS downhill all the way!