2016-05-07 Sat


Well, as you might guess, I’ve been busy.

I’ve known this for some time.

Today provides an example:-

Yesterday I spent an exhausting seven hours sitting and waiting for a Windows Update run to complete. That done, I went for a 90-minute session co-coaching in English and Spanish. I slept until after eight o’clock this morning.

It used to be that ... I couldn’t wait for the free Toronto Star to be delivered to Ryerson University at eight o’clock, so I’d take myself and four dollars off to the Eaton Chelsea, pay for a coffee and steal one off the pile of Globes and Mail, and one off the pile of National Post, and sit to read them with my coffee until the Star arrived.

I’d walk home with three thick papers feeling secure that I had reading matter to see myself through the weekend.

Today I rose, wrote up my notes on Windows Updates, had a quick lunch, walked to Dudley’s hardware on Church Street but they had no corks, so I walked across to Home Hardware on Parliament street, then to NoFrills for ginger root and eggs, then back via Ryerson to collect the Star around three o’clock.

And begrudges the time it took for that diversion because I has do far today only made a batch of ginger beer, mixed up a batch of ginger-snap cookie dough, mixed up a batch of oatmeal and raisin cookie dough, popped ten litres of corn for snacks and baked two “submarine” style loaves of whole-wheat bred.

Grudgingly, because I still had my ginger cake to make before embarking on the next phase of my Windows Update studies.