2016-05-04 Wed


I have found a rather pleasant canoeing spot:-

Climatic controlled Ė no danger of hypothermia

WiFi and cell phone access to 416-area

Steps from Toronto Transit Commission (#6 Bay bus)

Christopher Greaves Home_0605-112238.jpg

A small but scenic rapids

Shallow draft Ė no danger of drowning

Christopher Greaves Home_0605-112251.jpg

Lots of birds

Christopher Greaves Home_0605-143607.jpg

Food court within walking distance (but no ice-cream)

Christopher Greaves Home_0605-143658.jpg

Sub-tropical foliage.

Islands to tie-up to for a lunch break.

Christopher Greaves Home_0605-143706.jpg

Numerous launch points

Opportunity to trot out that stale line ďLetís just see whatís around this next bendĒ

Contact me for details.