2016-05-03 Tue

The TTC Ride Guide

It is as bad as I had thought. The New Format Ride Guide, which supersedes The New Format Ride Guide which I blasted last year.

I took a tape measure and measured, and now compare, the two formats.

The 2010 and 2013 Ride Guide was 69†cm by 50†cm, or 3,450 square centimetres in area.

The 2016 Ride Guide is 60†cm by 29†cm, or 1,740 square centimetres in area.

And yes, that One Half the Size.

My question is: Where is the value in reducing a map to one-half size?

The main purpose of the thing is to provide a map of Toronto with rail and bus routes marked on it to help travelers navigate the system.

Also as many landmark sites (malls, museums etc.) as you can reasonably fit on.

Also major streets and (as was available as recently as the 2013 edition) minor streets, so Aunt Florence could mark her street in pencil to help you find your way.

Why make a map half the size and call it progress?

If bulkiness is the issue, then by all means put the map out on a smaller piece of paper. But donít squeeze so much data out of the map just to be able to print acres of promotional material.

How the TTC promotes itself

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN4037.JPG

From the new Toronto Transit Commission Ride Guide Ė one of the panels is given over to telling you what to do when a small part of the subway system is shut down for two hours or less.

Presumably this happens often enough for it to warrant a panel of its own!