2016-05-01 Sun

Bombardier Shafts

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So letís see.

You can order sixty-five new GO coaches, huge chunks of metal, for $481,000,000 (and get them delivered) or you can order two hundred and four TTC streetcars (smaller pieces of metal, but with electric motors) for $1,250,000,000 and not get them delivered.

How come it costs, roughly seven million dollars PER?

I know what you are thinking, they are throwing in all sorts of maintenance and lifetime lube jobs and the weirdly expensive guarantees that you refuse to buy when you purchase a digital camera or an amplifier.

But seven MILLION per?

The UPExpress

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Why should we be surprised? A $450M+ so-called service that has failed miserably to provide a real service to Toronto is now going to squeeze dollars out of the folks who decided it wasnít worth using the service anyway. Even if you elect NOT to pay the money, you get to pay the money!

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By the way, you can safely ignore the bit about a substantial increase in commuters. Initial reports were that the number of riders had doubled when the fare was reduced to slightly less than half its previous figure.

In other words, the already-too-low-revenue stayed at the same value.

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Again, DO NOT BE FOOLED by these smoke-screens.

A target of 7,000 was based on the original fares ($27). The new ridership figure of 5,000 is based on the new fares.

You could boost riders to 7,000 easily by reducing the fare a little bit more, but it would not necessarily meet your REVENUE TARGETS.

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I remember writing about this about five years ago, pointing out that even 10,000 travelers a day was an insignificant drop in the bucket of vehicles being driven in, out, around, and across Metropolitan Toronto.

A souped-up train that makes it easy for airline travelers does absolutely nothing for residents.

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And I have no great love for SNC-Lavalin, but you have to admit that they were smart enough to see this coming.