2016-04-27 Wed


Hah! Wednesday is turning into my ďBusy DayĒ of the week.


Check bank balance and w/d $200

In theory it is pension day today; that means Iíll check all my balances online and at sometime today budget for the next month, write the rent cheque, and prepare any savings amounts.



Walk down to Ryerson University and back to collect a free copy of the Toronto Star

Ginger Beer

I make three small bottles of pop every 9 days; that seems to suffice. Today it is time to bottle and refurbish the plant.


I eat plain popcorn, which I pop at home, and Iíve run out. So some time this morning I will op enough corn to fill two four-litre ice-cream tubs.


Deer Park library

I aim to walk up and want to be close to YPB for the 12;30 concert. On the way up I drop off books at the Toronto Public Library to reduce my load in the orange shoulder bag.


Yorkminster Park Baptist church

Each Wednesday a free pipe-organ concert. I sit to raise the body-count, but mainly to enjoy the music.


Yorkville Public Library

Then I walk back to Yorkville Public Library to collect whatever books are waiting for me on the Holds Shelf.



I will drop by No Frills for some light shopping; I will not have the time to do that after the ESL cafť.


Osmedo TimH

I meet my Spanish Tutor for an hour and we improve each otherís English and Spanish.


St Paulís ESL cafť

Ninety minutes at a table with six to ten students, playing conversational games to give practice in conversational English.


Davidís Farewell

An ESL organizer is leaving; there is a farewell ďdoĒ at a nearby pub after ESL.

What does it mean to me, a regular walker around town?

Christopher Greaves Home_RU.png

Well, early in the morning (armed with an apple to eat) I set off to Ryerson University to collect the paper and walk back home to read it. Seven hundred metres there, and seven hundred metres back.

Late-morning I set off up Yonge Street, up the lake terraces (ďhillsĒ) to Yorkminster Park Baptists church, just north of St Clair Avenue. Three and a half kilometres.

Christopher Greaves Home_YPL.png

The concert over I stroll back down the slight hills of Yonge Street to collect a book from the Yorkville Public Library. Three kilometres.

Christopher Greaves Home_NFH.png

The book collected I walk east of Yonge Street to the No Frills store on Huntley street to collect a few groceries. One kilometre.

Christopher Greaves Home_Homeagain.png

And then home again. Just over one and a half kilometres.

Christopher Greaves Home_StP.png

After an early and light supper I set off at five-thirty and drop into the Tim Hortonís to meet my friend Osmedo for an hour of Spanish/English and then move fifty years east to the ESL cafť, after that a farewell at the pub and home again. One and a half kilometres each way.

Wednesday comes to 12.8 kilometres of walking, at 4.5 Km/hour, although some of the time Iím going a tad faster than that.

Three hours afoot at any rate.


So Saturday my street was closed while the crane went in to the newer of the two condominium construction sites. Fair enough.

Christopher Greaves Home_1704-111338.jpg

And what do I see the next day but the street still closed while workmen bring DOWN the crane that has been building the older new condominium (you know what I mean) on the street.

Christopher Greaves Home_1704-111418.jpg

The white mobile crane in the foreground is mid-wifeing the newer crane for the site on the corner of Yonge Street.

The piece of steel taking its time to come down is the last of the crane for the older new condominium.

Christopher Greaves Home_1704-111452.jpg

I just know that there will be three Toronto Cops hanging around on overtime (or moonlighting pay) to do the job that the regular stop-go sign guys do during the week, Canít have the disadvantaged earning a bit of extra cash now, can we?

Christopher Greaves Home_1704-111533.jpg

So about now I figure that the cops will let me go home. The metal is going to be just about on the flatbed by the time I get there.

(later) Wrong! Our uneducated cops really believe that when the girder is a foot off the flatbed truck, it might take it into its non-existent head to leap right across the street and kill me.

Lord know where the cops thing the girder will obtain the necessary kinetic energy.

Christopher Greaves Home_1704-164648.jpg

Later that day I walk home, south down Yonge Street. In this fuzzy cell phone shot the Aura building is on the left, just ďunder the right-hand street lamp.

The new building (ď9-21 Grenville StreetĒ) appears t be to the right of the Aura building. The construction elevator tower is visible running up the centre of the building.

Christopher Greaves Home_1704-165006.jpg

A slightly better shot.

Just visible atop the new condo building is a derrick (three-legged) crane that has been used to dismantle the tower crane.

So thatís it. It has taken four years to build this condo structure. There will be, Iím sure, another year of delivery trucks bringing either taps or faucets, carpets, more window panes and, I imagine, a pool of balcony panels to replace those which will fall off in the next high wind, knowing Toronto as I do.

Then we will have, of course, another five years to complete the newer new condominium building.

I moved here in 2012. In 2012 the street should be back to normal.

Only thing is, I canít remember what the old normal used to be like.