2016-04-24 Sun


So off early this morning for staples from NoFrills over on Huntley Street.

Christopher Greaves Home_2404-074440.jpg

The building on the South-East corner of Bloor and Yonge has lost its tower crane. Like the first new condominium on my street, the tower crane is gone and a derrick crane rests in its place.

In the foreground is the new building site across the road from the YMCA.

Christopher Greaves Home_2404-074504.jpg

The white tower crane will service the new building site across the road from the YMCA; the blue crane is at work (well, it will be at work tomorrow) on the ďBritĒ on Bay street.


Christopher Greaves Home_2404-074911.jpg

And so past yet-another-new-building-site, this time on the North side of Wellesley about fifty yards east of Wellesley subway Station.

I am sad.

I feel saddened for the people who live in the red-brick building to the north of the new site.

For years that have enjoyed sunlit balconies (those arenít fire escapes; they are the early-morning shadows of the balconies), but within two years time the south-facing folks will have their noses pressed against a shadowy wall.

Look closely at the timber framework on the far side of the building site. Not how close its shadows are to the south face of the red-brick building.

I doubt the balconies will be that close, but I doubt that they will be more than twenty feet away.

Itís one thing to have your view of the lake cut off Ė as has happened to the office workers in the Bay building on the North East corner of Bloor and Yonge. It is quite another thing to have strangers peering into your life.