2016-04-22 Fri


I donít know whether estoy llegando o suis venant.

Having made a decision to visit Melun in the autumn, I plunged into listening all day long to French podcasts and doing a written exercise in French each morning.

Now Osmedo has arrived on the scene, and he is closer to my level (that is, his needs for English conversation mirror my needs for Spanish conversation), so we have agreed to meet three or four times a week.

I have sought this opportunity for eighteen months and do not want it to slip away.


Days when I am scheduled to meet Osmedo, I fire up Spanish podcasts and do an hourís written study in Spanish.

Other days, French.

It remains to be seen how fried my brain becomes.

On the surface it would seem to be confusing to study two similar languages in parallel, but I reserve my judgment. It might actually be easier.

Toronto Cops

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN3999.JPG

Hereís a thought:

Say 250 people were kettled. (You can look it up if you like; I think 250 is about right).

Say they were held in that east-end compound for 36 hours. (You can look it up if you like; I think 36 is about right).

Those folks were held without change of clothes, toothbrush and so on.

Comes to about one year, at 24 hours a day.

Suppose we locked up Fenton for a year. In a caged enclosure. That east-end compound. Even if they have to re-erect it. No toothbrush.

Oh yes. In soaking wet clothes, too, as if heíd been kettled in a rain-storm.

Iím just sayiní ...

Do you suppose the next cop might think twice before making a mass-arrest of bystanders?