2016-04-21 Thu

Second Use For Everything

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN3985.JPG

On my walk to NoFrills (Parliament Street) on Thursday some folks had put out a bin of Help Yourself. Bless Them!

I helped myself to seven small picture frames.

These are put out on the street in a discards bin at my local framing shop at $5 each, so I figured Iíd saved myself $35 on top of the savings made by walking (exercise!) to NoFrills and back again).

A Good Day.

GO and the York Concourse

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN3988.JPG

I donít know why I am posting this photograph. It is hardly news that the only escalator between the new (July 2015) York Concourse and Union Station is out of action again.

And you are right. There is no one working here. Just a closed-down escalator.