2016-04-20 Wed


The Toronto Star continues in its drive to publicize the waste of resources (that is, money) by hiring gun-toting cops to direct traffic around construction sites.

The street in which I live is almost blocked by vehicles servicing the TWO condominium construction sites. I believe that the only non-commercial traffic nowadays is tourists who have taken a wrong turn. After four years of blockage, regulars have learned to use College Street Ė it is much quieter and faster.

That didnít stop us providing overtime/moonlighting for three cops last weekend while one tower crane was moved in and another tower crane was moved out.

This morning I made my way through the fenced-off maze that is Gerrard Street to get my free Toronto Star newspaper.

Christopher Greaves Home_2004-082616.jpg

I am on the south side of Gerrard facing west. The Aura building is in view on the north-west corner of Yonge and Gerrard.

Barely visible at the extreme left of this photo is an armed cop, supposedly employed directing traffic. He has to stand IN the narrow traffic lane on account of the metal fence that lines this side of the street. That is, he is an impediment to traffic flow on this busy street.

Visible above the bonnet of the blue sedan, right-hand side of this photo, is a stop-go man who is employed, I suppose, to direct traffic.

Why do we need a stop-go man AND an armed cop to do one job? Could it be a copís privilege to earn extra money? Or is this just a budget-stretching exercise by the Toronto Police Gang?

Christopher Greaves Home_2004-082628.jpg

Another shot, not much better. I have circled the cop and the stop-go man.

Christopher Greaves Home_2004-082640.jpg

A view from the same spot, but looking east. Gerrard street from Jarvis all the way to University is always chock-a-block in the morning. People from the Eastern Suburbs and the DVP/Gardiner looking for a fast-track into the Hospitals district. I know of one lady from Brampton who claimed that it was faster to drive past the downtown core, get off at Jarvis, drive north to Gerrard and then head back west to the hospitals.

This street is filled with well-behaved slow-moving regulars. I suspect they donít need traffic directors at all.

But two directors, when one of them is a cop, is overkill IMHO.

Failures in Advertising

Christopher Greaves Home_2004-083052.jpg

This store is in the College Park building, west side of Yonge street between Gerrard and College.

My eye was caught by the sight of the tiny shriveled white balloon, bottom left corner of the photo and window.

Then I noticed that they are NOT red ribbons. They are burst and shriveled red balloons!

Way to Go Alleenís!