2016-04-19 Tue

Second Use For Everything - Vermicomposting

An update on my little lamp-bulb vermicomposter.

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN3976.JPG

Yes. Thatís a worm there. Difficult to see, I know.

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN3977.JPG

Babies! Baby Worms that have hatched since I introduced the two mature worms back on Saturday 20th February when I made use of a Burned Out Lamp Bulb and installed some shredded paper, Ĺ-cm cubes of carrot and two worms.

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN3978.JPG

And yes, at least one of the original two mature worms is alive and wriggling. Both might be here. I spotted one and returned to bulb to its dark carton in a kitchen cupboard.

So what?

So burned out lamp bulbs could be used to build a laboratory of experiments with worms.

The Increasingly Sorry State of Public Transit in Toronto

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN3979.JPG

Just so you know Ė it is a walk of at least eight minutes from the sad UPExpress platform to the GO bus station on the east side of Bay street at Front street.

Thatís eight minutes un-encumbered with suitcases, strollers, tantrummy toddlers and so on.

And seriously folks, the only way to get into the hinterlands away from Lake Ontario during daylight hours, is by GO Bus. Go Trains are for commuters; they (trains and commuters) come into Toronto in the morning, and go out of Toronto in the early evening. Any other time, you walk eight or more minutes to the GO Bus station.

The new GO Bus station will be built even further away than the current one. Anticipate twelve to fifteen minutes walk.

My friend Cathy has a wicked sense of humour. She suggested Shuttle Buses to take people between the Train that shuttles people between the airport and Toronto downtown and the Regional Buses that shuttle people home.

We thought that the shuttle bus might be depoted(sic) on the west side of the CN Tower (named after my friend) so that folks could walk eight minutes WEST to catch a shuttle bus that could get bogged down in traffic to save folks a twelve minutes walk to the EAST ....

But then we are almost as crazy as Toronto City Council.