2016-04-17 Sun

Toronto Transit Commission

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I have neglected to record who is quoted here; possibly Andy Byford. Some Senior Management guy at the Toronto Transit Commission at any rate.

For at least thirty three years the Toronto Transit Commission has sat with blinkered eyes while cities outside Toronto have moved forward.

While surrounding cities have developed co-operative ticket schemes – your Mississauga Transit transfer is accepted on Brampton Transit, and Oakville transfers are accepted on Mississauga Transit and so on - the Toronto Transit Commission has refused to implement adjacent co-operative transfers. You ride to Kipling and hop on a 49B bus and once you reach Markland Drive, you are on your own.

While surrounding cities have implemented time-based transfers – your Mississauga (and Brampton and Oakville and York regio and Durham and Bradford and barrie and ...) transfer is valid and useable for two hours – the Toronto Transit Commission insists that your ticket is good for a single one-way trip (but see also ride all day ).

While the GTHA cities agreed to adopt Presto as a magnetic ticket, the Toronto Transit Commission insisted on developing its own system until that was quietly abandoned. Toronto is now struggling to implement Presto long after the rest of the province has been using Presto for years. (An exception, strangely, is Bradford which marches to the beat of a different drummer)

While GTHA cities have continued to develop and tweak their systems, the Toronto Transit Commission has sat on its hands except for a badly-designed SRT system (that breaks down whenever it snows in Toronto) and a Sheppard line – that is empty for the largest part of the day.

Oh yes. Citizens managed to allow the consumption of hundreds of millions of dollars ($460M?) on the soon-to-be-closed UPExpress that has failed to live up to the promoter’s trumpeting.

I am on a salt-free diet, but if the Toronto Transit Commission continues to make statements like the one shown above, I shall have to buy a small carton of Windsor Salt for my home consumption.

Told You So

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Back on Thursday 2015-09-03 I wrote “Now Germany is about as far away from Syria as you can get and still be in Europe (it’s OK, I know about Portugal, Norway and Iceland, and I know that you know what I mean), so if I were looking for an evil motive here I would say that Germany is trying to de-stabilize all those countries which lie between Germany and Syria, to wit: Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Moldavia, then in the second tier: Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia. Then in the third tier ... but you get the drift.”

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Well, guess what!