2016-04-13 Wed

Clear Thinking

I returned from a miserable 1-month stay in Florida (cost about $2,500) to see an advertisement for Flight Centre ($1,800 for one week in Paris Ė Flight and Hotel and Tax included) and said to myself ďHang About!Ē. Iím better off going to Paris than to Florida.

So I went.

So Iím going to Melun this year, maybe three weeks instead of the two-week trip I took in 2014.

One of the Flight Centre stores on Yonge Street assure me that they can fly me there for $750 no matter when I go. That puts a ceiling on my Flight Costs.

Last week I saw a Flight Centre advertisement for a $650 flight to Paris in May. I said to myself ďHang About!Ē. Iím better off going to Paris in May than in SeptemberĒ.

But thatís not necessarily so.

I have the money to go now, but Iíll have saved more money (and made more study of the area) by September.

Time is on my side.

I could save $100 by flying NOW, sure.

But flying is not the big cost. Accommodation is the big cost.

Christopher Greaves Home_MelunCosts01.png

The blue segment in the pie chart is Air Fare; the yellow segment is Hotel Accommodation, based on a 22-night (three weeks of full days) in France. My Air Fare is about one-third of my Hotel Costs.

Christopher Greaves Home_MelunCosts02.png

The idea changes in principle, if I stay only eight nights (one full week of days). In that case my Air fare and Hotel Costs are equal at $800 each.

In terms of finance for my trip, I should not fret about the airfare; I should focus on Reducing my Cost of Accommodation, and this is especially true if I am to spend three weeks in one spot.

For three weeks I anticipate a better rate than a daily rate.

In particular, if I can shave, say, ten dollars a night off my accommodation costs, Iíll save $210, which is much more than an deal Flight Centre can make. Snipping fifteen dollars makes it so much better.

Hence: make sure that my flight cost is within reason, then spend the time and effort to locate a simple, clean, quiet hotel at the lowest cost possible.