2016-04-10 Sun


A lazy day.

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN3930.JPG

I made another batch of Meat Pies. I am quite in the swim of things here.

I make the Filling a day or two beforehand. You canít see it but this is a Ground Beef Sauce, with a bit of corn flour to thicken the matrix.

I make the pastry from a really simple recipe the day before and leave it to mature overnight in the fridge.

First thing in the morning, out of the fridge to come to room temperature, not matter what the experts say. It rolls better at room temperature.

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN3931.JPG

I have a solid plastic rimmed lid which I use to cut eight-inch circles of pastry for the bowl and the lid. The trimmings go back into my pastry tub.

When the pie is baked, it slides out of the pan, which I gingerly wash and re-use.

I used to think that the Fork-Tine Markings were decorative, but I know now that pressing the times around the rim is functional Ė it helps to weld the lid and bowl together by pressing them into each other.