2016-04-07 Thu

Revolutionary Programming Technique

You read it here first!

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The Bank of Montreal has hit on a scheme to create a thing called an Algorithm. Automatically.

I am staggered.

Thatís something Iíve not done in night on fifty years of Programming Compilers and Designing Languages and developing rather clever (though I say so myself) Application Programs.

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You get the idea; Biometric stuff to Validate your use of the little Plastic Card. So far so good.

I donít mind the claim that a pattern is created. I do that all the time.

But to have a data pattern converted to an algorithm means that the data has been converted to what you and I think of as a Computer Program.

A Computer Program is a set of instructions telling a computer what to do.

At a stretch I might say that a computer program is a set of rules that instruct a computer what to do:-

Add this to that

Go there and do that, then come back here.

If this is bigger than that then do this thing, otherwise do that thing

But I canít see any value in creating a set of program instructions when all one needs to do is compare data patterns, suitably Encrypted or Obfuscated.

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And lest you think that the first was a aberrant typo, an ďAlgorithm is CreatedĒ later in the article, too.

I weep.