2016-04-06 Wed

The Toronto Police

More on the predilection for Toronto Police to shoot to kill the mentally ill.

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN3932.JPG

This is the continuing case of one Loku who was armed with a hammer against two Toronto Police Officers armed with hand guns.

The officer who shot at and killed Loku has not been named because, and here I paraphrase, it might harm him or his reputation.

Loku is dead. Where I come from we classify that as “harmed irretrievably”.

Note that in the excerpt above the building where the murder took place was classified as having units leased by the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Is the Toronto Police Force so inept that its database does not flag specific addresses with characteristics?

When the dispatcher sends the thugs to an address, do they not have the ability to say “By the way, there are mentally ill people in that building” (and by extension in that vicinity)?

Are members of the Toronto Police Force so inept that they do not know specific addresses on their “beat”? (I placed the word in quotes because Toronto Police tend not to beat people; they tend to go straight for the gun)

When the dispatcher sends the thugs to an address, do those thugs not have the knowledge that the building houses some people who are classified as mentally ill?

Nowhere have I read that the police take extra care when in or around a building that shelters vulnerable members of our society. The Toronto Police’s main aim (excepting pistols) is to get every police officer home safely to the wife and kids each night.

Above all else.