2016-04-03 Sun

Toronto Transit Commission

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I hate to say ‘I hate to say this but” so I shall say “I love to say this”!

There is light at the end of the tunnel!

The Toronto Transit Commission has put up some signs/maps that make sense.

I am standing in St Andrew’s station late at night. Few passengers are around as a source of direction, were I a tourist.

On the pillar is a map. This map and pillar are closer to the right-hand side of the platform – visible in the lower right corner of the photo – than the corresponding pillar to the left of me. That other pillar is, of course, closer to the left-hand side of the platform – as I am standing – than the pillar/map in my photo.

Two pillars side by side, each bearing a map of the U-shaped Yonge-University subway line, each showing all the stations on the entire line.


The Toronto Transit Commission map on the right has “where the train on this side will take you” highlighted, boldly. And the map to the left of me has the other part of the line bolded.

This side tells me “Step onto a train on this side and you will head towards Finch”. You can see the ‘You Are Here” red arrow near the bottom of the loop.

The map to the left of me, closer to the other platform, tells me “Step onto a train on this side and you will head towards Downsview”.

I have no idea how long these bolded maps have been in force. Nor do I know if they are of this format on every subway platform.

I sure hope so.

Ten out of ten to the Toronto Transit Commission.