2016-03-29 Tue


I was accused today of “Having Issues”, and I think that “accused” is the right word. Perhaps “Accused” and “Judged”.

The term “Having Issues” has become a Pejorative, Derogatory or Contemptuous term (take your pick) today, and I take issue with it.

I am proud to have issues.

I have contempt for people who don’t have issues.

Winston Churchill had issues all his life, and many of us agree with many of his issues; not all of us, and not all of them.

I have issues over things like Politics, Religion, Training, Computers, Vermicomposting and the term “Garbage” to mean “stuff I can’t be bothered to find a use for right now”.

Show me someone who sits in front of a television set all day and night long and you will be showing me someone who does not have issues.

When I have an issue I speak or write about it, and I believe that it is a sign of human maturity to voice an opinion in order to focus on an issue.

Be not afraid of being accused of Having Issues.

Be contemptuous of anyone who accuses you of “Having Issues” as a person who knows that their position is weak, and trots out “Having Issues” as their sole defense of their Untenable Position.

It’s like the old chestnut “Are you still into denial”, a generalized form of “Are you still beating your wife?”