2016-03-26 Sat

Toronto Transit Commission

I rode the Sheppard White-Elephant Line last week. And yes, it was a quiet run, not too crowded, almost no-one else on board except me, so you know that it was peak hour ...

It is without a doubt the most under-used line, little more than a stub linking Sheppard (on the Yonge line) to Fairview Mall.

We hear talk of how it doesnít make sense to develop a subway line unless there is a certain level of riders already on that line, or the promise of immediate development on that line

And yet, and yet ... when the Yong line was developed, stretching up to Finch in 19??, there canít have been the heavy level of use that we see now. Where did these crowded riders come from?

They came from slow but steady growth of high-rise residences along the line, but they came too by BUS.

Thatís right.

Some of the riders on the Yong line (and on the University line) travel east-west along, say, Eglinton avenue or Sheppard avenue or Lawrence, Wilson, York Mills or Finch Avenue.

And speaking of Finch, many riders arrive from Newmarket on York Region Buses.

So were the poorly-used Sheppard line to be extended east to Meadowvale Road, and west to, say, Woodbine Centre (yes, thereís need to be a bridge over the Humber River) then this cross-town artery would trap many people who currently ride the north-south buses all the way to the Bloor-Danforth line.

Now I donít know that using Sheppard like a seine net to catch the fish who would otherwise swim to Bloor-Danforth, and dumping them onto the Yong-University line makes sense. We might have to think of something really clever, such as classifying every other train that runs south from Eglinton as being a non-stop, slow crawling train sandwiched between two milk runs, a train that, crammed to the gills nonetheless makes its way downtown.

The point here is that while a cross-town Sheppard line might not make economic sense in terms of residences and business along Sheppard, it would surely make sense as a way to catch the north-south traffic that currently clogs the buses.

Iím just sayiní ...