2016-03-22 Tue

Toronto Transit Commission Stunned, Surprised, etc.

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The Toronto Transit Commission expresses surprise (is “laments” too strong a word?) at its fall from grace.

Why surprised?

For the thirty-plus years that I have lived in the city the Toronto Transit Commission has worked hard to earn its reputation as an isolated head-in-the-sand operator.

At a time when every city in the Toronto Region has a transit system that co-operates with transfers (hop on a Mississauga bus and the transfer allows you to hop on to an Oakville bus), the Toronto Transit Commission refuses to implement co-operative transfers.

At a time when every city in the Toronto Region has a transit system that operates with two-hour transfers (hop on a Mississauga bus and ride around for two hours before you have to pay another fare), the Toronto Transit Commission refuses to implement time-based transfers.

At the time when every city in the Toronto Region (except Bradford) decided to implement a common fare-card system called “Presto”, the Toronto Transit Commission stressed that it had the right, and was going to, devise and implement its own system. Which is why the Toronto Transit Commission was so late in adopting Presto, and until Presto is implemented on every vehicle and at every station, we still have to carry tickets or tokens for those times when we meet a bus without Presto.

The Toronto Transit Commission has tuned go-it-alone into an art form.

And now it is puzzled that it is being left out of the game, while everyone else is clamouring to join the team.

The UPX continues to plummet

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Do not be misled by the rave reviews in the paper.

The UPX airport express halved its fares and thereby doubled its “ridership” If you are capable of multiplying “a half” by “two” you’ll come up with “one”, and that will make you brighter than the average UPX manager.

Revenue will have stayed constant, but with double the riders, waste collection will have risen, so expenses will be up ever-so-slightly. In other words, this looks like a further albeit slight loss for the UPX.

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No wait! There’s More!!

Or rather LESS.

What proportion of these new” riders do you suppose will drop away once they realise that they still have to use the Toronto Transit Commission to get to UPX near Union Station? Or just decide that the extra cost (say $9 for UPX instead of $3 for the Toronto Transit Commission) is six dollars, and over a twenty-day work month that comes to an extra $120 going out-of-pocket. Anticipate a switch back to the Toronto Transit Commission.