2016-03-20 Sun


Well, I am retired and Toronto has many museums, some of which are accessible for FREE through the Toronto Public Library Borrowers Card.

I have exhausted the four museums offered my the Yorkville Branch, so I thought to head off to the Lillian Smith branch (the same walking distance) yesterday to collect, if I could, a pass to the Royal Ontario Museum.

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN3907.JPG

I thought to arrive at nine oíclock when the library opened and be first to get a pass.

Surprise! There was a line outside the library/

The doors opened and I was given an orange ticket number seventeen; I stood in another line, knowing that there would be nothing left by the time I inched my way to the front.


The line moved quickly, so within three minutes I was asking ďWhatís left?Ē.

Everything, said the nice man.

Sure enough, he and his co-worker had access to a rather thick three-ring binder of tickets, so I asked for, and was issued with a ROM pass, as you see above.


You betcha!

Clear Thinking

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Let me Light the Fuse:-

We are told that sales are up 2.3% to $53.1 billion.

Thatís Canadian Dollars.

Roughly worth about 70% of what it was worth a year ago.

(I am one of the crowd who cancelled my trip to Yuma AZ because the $cdn was so weak against the $us).

Now if the dollar is DOWN 30% and sales in $cdn are UP 2.3% are we winning yet?

The article tells us even that the strong US dollar contributed to these figures.