2016-03-17 Thu


In contrast to music students, my days of retirement are spent absorbing whatever is being promoted – free concerts, free lectures, free coffees, free visits to public greenhouses …

Music students are busy promoting their skills.

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University of Toronto, Toronto Women’s Musical Society, International Music Festival in Casalmaggiore, Vancouver, Erzabeth Gessler Memorial Scholarship, Jane Coop, Henri-Paul Sicsic, Amanda Chan, Karen Lee-Morlang, Rena Sharon, Golden Key Society, Angela Hewitt, James Parker, Marietta Orlov, Francine Kay, David Louie, Jacques Rouviérè, Jean Saulnier, Maneli Pirzadeh, Richard Raymond, Lee Kum Sing, Duo Interplay, International Northwest Piano Duo Ensemble, Canadian Music Centre, Toronto Messiaen Ensemble and Ballet Jörgen.

And that’s just Melody Yvonne Chan-Li.

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Then of course there is Anne-Marie MacIntosh, Rachel Andrist, Lingyi Kong and Jeanie Chung.

Now I don’t know about you. I only know about me.

And I suspect that the world or soloists (instrumental or vocal) is a world of who you’ve played with, who you’ve studied with, who you have been in competition with at competitions, and so on. It is a part of the job, I suppose.

Also I have spent my life hunched over decks of punched cards and keyboards, so I have no idea who is really somebody in the world of music.

But I am impressed that, for FREE I get to sit and listen to people play, people who have played around the world, played with significant Symphony Orchestras, won prizes.

This is not chopsticks.

This is seriously good music.

I write that I am grateful.

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The same goes for Thomas Fitches.

Although I note that the largest part of his organ work was performed from 1973 to 2015, a period which coincides with my entire career (1968-2011), although Thomas Fitches spent his period at St Clements while I spent my working life bumming around from country to country, company to company, contract to contract.

Oh yes, and Thomas Fitches started in 1965, while I was still at university, and ends (he says!) in 2016, some five years after I quit.

I write that I am Grateful, and Blessed