2016-03-14 Mon

Daylight Saving

Now that yesterday is passed, and with it all the common gripes from the populace about Losing an Hourís Sleep on Saturday Night, I should let you in on a secret. I went to bed at my normal clock-time of nine-thirty last night, but because I had set my clocks forward by one hour I was, in fact, going to bed an hour earlier, so I got an Extra Hourís Sleep!


It all comes rolling back, as inevitably as the tide.

Which, by the way, does not obey the laws of mankind.


Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN3856.JPG

Following UPXís admission that their admission charges ($27) were too high, and the reduction to a lower fare ($12), a scurry of stories about How People Get Around.

I ask myself how much faith I would place in the thinking process of an employee of a marketing form that is at a total loss as to how to move her body from point A to point B.

I mean, if you canít get your own corpus from point A to point B, how are you going to get my corporation from this position of a slump in sales to the position of a World Leader, or maybe a national Icon, or at least Top Firm in Mississauga. You know where Mississauga is, right?

Me, I have never lived in Mississauga, but have used Mississauga Transit quite often, and even I, an old fogey, mastered the Mississauga Transit Trip Planner some ten years ago. Well, maybe it was only eight. But what a tool! What a web-site!

And what a Transit System. They even have real, live, LOCAL people on the telephone for when you get confused. So even if, at 21 years of age, you arenít quite with the two-thumb-typing scene when your shoulders slump, at least, pick up the phone and ask for help.

After all, thatís what you expect me to do when my sales slump.

Service Bloody Canada

Last Tuesday I narrated my most recent experience with this unimaginitively-named organization of junior clerks and their coffeebrained managers who are, to a man, and to a woman, waiting for their Pensions and Vacations and Dental Benefits.

Last Tuesday I was advised to ďcall back on Monday and ask for RedirectĒ, so I did. Got through on only the third attempt. (The first two attempts at roll-up-the-rim won me the automatic ďWe canít transfer your call at this time; please try againĒ response).

Andy came on the line after only seven minutes of the advertised ten-minute wait.

I couldnít hear the Clickety-click; Tappety-Tap this time, but maybe Andy is more efficient than the rest of the crowd. Maybe he uses paper-and-pencil.

At any rate, after four minutes Andy assured me that It Would Be Done, and that all payments at the end of March (March 29th?) would be siphoned into my BMO account. He ended by saying that ďWe only have direct deposit information for the BMO accountĒ

Which leaves me with three outstanding questions:-

(1)†Youíll note that todayís transaction was mercifully short. Four minutes. No Heavy Lifting involved at all. No need to drag in a manager to authenticate the deal. Why couldnít this tidy-up have been done last Tuesday? Or even back on Wednesday November 18th 2015?

(2)†Youíll note too that when I asked for Redirect, Andy didnít transfer me to a Senior Clerk. A phone call at a random time gets me a random clerk who can get the job done. There appears to be nothing special about Redirect this Monday that couldnít have been done by our Unknown Warrior last Tuesday.

(3)†And they only have direct deposit information for BMO. Which raises the question of how this bunch of clowns has been able to pipeline part of my pension into RBC Lo! These past three months (or five months, had I not asked for Redirect)

If I felt like adding to my misery of a rainy day Iíd ponder a while longer and come up with more questions, Iím sure.