2016-03-13 Sun

Daylight Saving

Of course I get annoyed by this term in both senses of the word. We don’t save any daylight; The Earth doesn’t give a time-whistle hoot about the mechanical shadow-makers we have fabricated – for what is a watch but a mechanized sundial?

We get twenty-four of our “hours” in each day. More correctly, The earth continues to rotate on its wobbly axis according to Newton’s laws, which aren’t really his at all; they belong to The Universe as we understand it. Which is not all that much anyway.

My real gripe comes with the exhortations of North American radio to “... set your clocks FORWARD one hour at two o’clock Sunday morning”.

I am nothing if not obedient, and at nine o’clock of a Saturday night, after a long and busy day (“Woke & oatmeal, rewoke around 9 a.m.; coffee, papers, walked to NF(H). After lunch strolled to Elliot’s and ABC, bought 3 books & Midnight Cowboy. Edited Poems then Loblaws for celery, kale and oranges.”) I settle into bed with a couple of good books and a small bowl of freshly-popped popcorn for a read, then reach across to set my alarm clock for two a.m.


If I set it for 2 a.m. then it will be really 3 a.m. by the time I find my reading-glasses, have a swig of water from my water-bottle and prepare to work out which slider switch on the back of the clock is the one that sets the clock as distinct from the alarm-clock.

You’ll understand that having woken at two, I don’t want to set the ALARM to three and be rewoken an hour after dropping back off to sleep.

So then the thought crosses my mind that I should set the alarm for three, which would have been really two by the time I wake.

I can agonize over this for a solid fifteen minutes a B.Sc.(Maths) notwithstanding.

Small-Scale Vermicomposting

Back on Saturday 20th February I made use of a Burned Out Lamp Bulb and installed some shredded paper, ½-cm cubes of carrot and two worms.

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN3891.JPG

At least one worm is still alive. Hard to spot in this photo, so I have circled where it is.

The paper is turning a beige colour; my guess is that that is the effect of the Bacteria multiplying.

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN3892.JPG

The lamp bulb sits in a small cardboard carton in my kitchen; the cupboard door is usually closed.

My reasoning is that should the bulb contents grow toxic (poisonous, too dry and so on) the worms will escape the bulb and dry out in the cardboard box, and then I will have evidence that they have tried to escape to better climes.