2016-03-10 Thu


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So on Saturday I walked up to Spadina House, past Casa Loma. Spadina House is open only on weekends, which I find strange.

The image above shows Casa Loma, a landmark within a radius of about two miles.

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On my walk back I came across words embedded in the sidewalk. Here I read “Iroquois”.

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There were about a half-dozen instances of different words, and they did not seem to be native tribal names.

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What’s more they are right across the street from the Toronto Archives. Another place I want to visit.

Real Soon Now.


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I am sometimes asked why I do not have an internet connection any more.

The quick answer is that I don’t watch TV; the packages always seem to be a minimal bundle of TV-Plus-Internet.

In the clipping above, the immediate suggestion is that I pay about $105 per month, and that includes a $65 internet charge.

I can think of a great many things I can get at $100 a month; for one thing, NOT spending $100 a month could mean an extra twelve nights in the Île de France. Or an AWFUL lot of steak frites when I get there.

For me the main reason is that I am retired. I am glad to continue programming computers, but am also glad that I do not feel tied to the internet. I maintain a ToDo list in a word-processing document, and work through that list when I find myself at the local library, which I do (find myself, I mean) three or more times a week.

My lifestyle is relaxed now. Bonus: I tend to save an email message to the laptop and read it and reply to it at leisure, with a degree of contemplation that was not available to me when