2016-03-07 Mon

Clear Thinking

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Back on Thursday the 18th I put forward my theory of the origins of these foot-in-shoes that wash up on the shores of British Columbia.

It is SO nice to see my theories supported (grin)!

Observation on Gasoline Costs

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The question posed is “How many car owners ... would like to avoid a 4.3% tax [on gasoline]?” and the supplied answer is “not many”.


But what if there was a method for reducing your consumption of gasoline by at least 20%, no matter where you bought your gas?

What if you were privy to a secret that would reduce your consumption of gasoline by 20%, no matter where in the world you drove, and without reducing how much you drove?

By that last I mean, I’m not proposing that you walk instead of drive; I mean that you continue driving where you normally do, but you just buy 20% less gasoline?

That is as effective as a 20% reduction in the PRICE of gasoline!

Independent of any tax!