2016-03-06 Sun


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I must be growing old and cantankerous. Or with luck, Iíve been this way all along and age isnít affecting me at all.

It is ďsexĒ that males and females have, not gender.

Nouns (elements of a language) have gender. Especially so in French, Spanish, and Italian.

But especially not in English; we are noted for it. ďNo Gender please. Weíre British (nouns)Ē

Clear Thinking

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Aaaaaargh! Again.

Bad weather is never the cause of a crash; it can be a contributing factor.

Snowfall et al. can never be responsible; they do not have decision-making apparatus.

Only animals, humans especially, have decision-making apparatus.

And again, planes cannot take off. Pilots can decide to effect a take-off, but for all the sophisticated computerized what-not on todayís planes, not a single one of them is equipped to say to itself ďYou know what? I think Iíll take off now!Ē.

The UP Express Comedy Smash Hit (not)

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Murtaza Haider joins the crowd.

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Spot on! The UP Express brings you to a platform that is in no way connected to the GO System, and is a five minute walk from both the GO and Toronto Transit Commission train services.

Union Stationís location is a problem, because it is sited on the shore of a lake.

And that means that it is not at the centre of a circle of population.

And yes, the local city airport harvests quite a few business folks who are making 60- to 120-minute hops to nearby cities.

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And there you have it in a nut-shell: Of all the airport rail links around the world, only Toronto designed one that does NOT integrate into the existing transit network.

Not that Toronto regionís transit network is anything to brag about.

(Later: I note with amusement the many letters supporting Murtaza Haider in the days that passed).