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Clear Thinking

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(1) Coward doesn’t have 900 friends. Coward is (not) involved with 900 bored individuals who know how to click a mouse device.

(2) Someone tell Coward that whoever took her prize, it wasn’t one of her friends. Friends don’t so that. Only bored individuals who know how to click a mouse device.

Toronto Transit and Metrolinx

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I am embarrassed.

I don’t know how I didn’t think of this.

I have touched on it obliquely in coming up with a solution, but hadn’t seen this problem:-

You are at Pearson Airport (YYZ). You can take the Toronto Transit Commission bus to Kipling and transfer to the subway and ... Or you can buy an expensive ticket on the UPX and ride to a spot adjacent to, but not in, Union Station, then walk five minutes (I’ve timed it!) to the Toronto Transit Commission.

I have been focused on the inconvenience of dragging a suitcase and a toddler up and down stairs and ramps and through stiff-swinging doors and ...

I hadn’t considered the extra fares.

My solution: make it transparent to the user, the way the Transiliean Navigo pass does.

Program the Presto computers so that a flat fare, zone-based, serves to give riders a ride from one point to another.

Regardless of whether it is in UPX, Go Train, Go Bus, Toronto Transit Commission, or any of the surrounding cities.

It works in the Île de France.

But there again, they have a world-class city in the centre of their region.

Clear Thinking

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My excellent physics teacher Mister Puzey said “Every body of water is a heat-sink”.

A heat sink is something that absorbs heat; heat sinks into it.

Normal body temperature is around 98.4ºF or 36.9ºc.

If the lake temperature is 97.4ºF or 36ºc, then heat energy will travel from a human body into the water, the heat-sink.

If the lake temperature is 48ºF or 9ºc, then heat energy will travel MUCH FASTER from a human body into the water, the heat-sink.

That means that in winter time, you die within one or two minutes.

And a day’s sunshine isn’t enough to heat up a lake.

For what it’s worth, all lakes within Ontario (except, perhaps, right by the outlets of Nuclear Energy plants) are at well below 98.4ºF, so when you fall out of a canoe or a kayak, you are destined to die through hypothermia. The only question is ‘How long will it take?”.

In winter time about two minutes.

In the late summer, when the lakes are at their warmest, perhaps thirty minutes, maybe sixty

Regardless of the time of year, life jackets/vests should be donned before you enter the water, and should remain on until after you have left the water.

The flotation jacket saves you from burning energy treading water to stay afloat.

The flotation jacket means that you can use all your body’s available energy in swimming to the nearest shore.

Of course, once you reach shore you are still cold and wet.

The flotation jacket serves as a crude insulator to help your body retain heat while you trudge around the shore to where the car is parked.