2016-03-03 Thu

The UP Express Joke

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ďUPX officials insisted that the prices were in line with similar services around the world ...Ē

This is True.

If you do a survey of all the poorly-planned and over-priced airport trains in thee world, youíll find that UPX fits right in.

Just for the record: You can jump off a plane at CDG in Paris, and for Ä70, about $100, youíll get a pass that gives you travel for a MONTH in a region roughly 100 km by 140 Km. (Think Toronto-London-Hunstville-Belleville)

In Toronto that $100 gets you eight trips between downtown and the airport.

See. You canít compare Toronto with Paris. The Parisians have got it right.


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Toronto Police have a well-deserved reputation for being unable to deal with armed attacks by people who are mentally unstable.

The classic case occurred about ten years ago; twelve cops were unable to deal with a man in a hospital nightgown (whatís your fist clue?) standing in the middle of the street (whatís your second clue?) wielding two pairs of scissors (whatís your third clue?) which he has just stolen from a local variety store (whatís your fourth clue?) .

The Toronto Police shot him dead.

I maintain that Rob Fordís high school football team could have put up ANY FOUR MEMBERS of the team and tackled the scissor-wielding guy.

With or without bullet-proof vests.

Now we have a school teacher who tackled a student who appears to be mentally unstable, wielding knives.

The question remains: Why are we paying Toronto Police so much money when they still canít handle cases like these. Including, but not limited to the Sammy Yatin incident?

The question remains: Why are we paying whoever trains Toronto Police so much money when they still canít get Toronto Police to deal with these cases the way a school teacher can?

Details will emerge, we can be sure, but this initial report says that the teacher ďtackled the girl and detained her until police arrivedĒ.

That teacher should get a medal for saving the life of the knife-wielding girl. IMHO.