2016-02-27 Sat

Clear Thinking

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There is much hoo-hah over the FBI’s request for computer program code to unlock Apple’s iPhone.

As I understand it a single iPhone might have evidence.

Fair enough.

I think I’d trust even the FBI with the contents of the iPhone of an alleged killer.

As I understand it the FBI wants program code that can “unlock any iPhone”; and there’s the rub.

Only the FBI want the FBI to have a tool that can snoop into any iPhone they want.

Apple is baulking; good for them.

What I haven’t read over the past two weeks is anyone proposing that a Senior Apple employee be sworn in by a federal judge to act on behalf of the FBI and use the program code to unlock that specific iPhone.

Then get on with life.

There is no need for the FBI to own or possess the program code.

The FBI wants the data from a single iPhone.

Let them have it.

Then everybody get back to work.

Second Use For Everything (SUFE)

Back on Friday 12th February this year I built a green-bin vermicomposter from a water bottle.

Yesterday I emptied it out for a brief inspection.

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The bin hosted a significant number of fat, healthy, glistening worms.

I dumped a load of dry shredded paper in the bin, shoveled the matrix on top, and left the inverted lid to settle.

You can (perhaps) see that the lid has begun to settle into the bin as excess moisture leaches into the dry paper bed.

I suspect that in 24 hours the funnel top will have settled back to its snug fit.

I am enjoying the facility of tossing the dregs of my coffee mug into the funnel, and dropping screwed-up Toronto Transit Commission transfers ditto,

Clear Thinking

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Of course, a city can post lower-than-average rates of Unemployment if 90% of its population leave town.

I am not saying that Hamilton is De-Populated; only that unless we are told of Fluctuations (if any) in the Population of a city, telling us the proportion of current residents who are unemployed is a Meaningless Statistic.