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“Oh Goody!”, he said, rubbing his little hands together, “More data!”.

Say 8,500 per year.

That means about 32 USA citizens moving to Canada every business day (260 days in a year).

Assuming a mixture of couples and family-of-fours, that’s ten families every business day.

Roughly one per province.


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About rechargeable batteries for automobiles: Recharge to 80% capacity in a ½ hour every 2½ hours.

That isn’t going to work for any driver except the driver who is going to work and going home again, or the driver who drives, say, two hours to school and back.

It would certainly have denied me the ability to put in 17-hour days to travel from Toronto to San Diego in three days. And yes, I’m probably too old to pull that kind of stunt nowadays.

Even trips across the border to cruise around New York state would be unappealing if I had to find a recharging station every 256 kilometres (160 miles).

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And then of course, partway through your weekend-away trip you discover that your battery will no longer take a charge.

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Which brings us to Smart Batteries.

We already have Smart Toner Cartridges for printers (although I think it is a dumb idea).

So why not allow drivers to pull into a charging station and swap out the discharged battery for a charged battery? Takes about three minutes. About as fast as a really fast gassing-up.

Smart Batteries would be smart enough to factor in the age of the battery, so if you are swapping out your brand-new battery you pay less than when you are swapping out your nearly-dead battery.

Batteries could then be recharged at leisure in the station recharging-bank, so that there would always be charged batteries on hand.

And a small fleet of trucks would roam between charging stations evening out the level in numbers of batteries available for recharge.

You’re Welcome!


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Paris $655 – which includes taxes.

And this is just the attention-grabber. It doesn’t have to be April 11-April 19.

At $655 I could hop on a plane and spend three days in each of four towns that I visited in 2014 and really enjoyed.

Say any one of Rambouillet, Montereau, Saint-Remy-les-Chevreuse, Bures sur Yvette, Orsay-Ville, Coulommieres, Dourdan, Etampes, Gif sur Yvette,

Budget hotel (ibis looks OK) and self-catering. Should come in at well under $3,000 for two weeks in the lush spring-time heart of the Île de France, away from all the other tourists ...