2016-02-25 Thu

Second Use For Everything (SUFE)

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I rescued this pedestal fan from the recycling room. It is in good condition excepting for a buildup of grease and dust on the blades and throughput the fan in general.

Which is why when powered on it groans like a constipated bull elephant.

Unlike a bull elephant, I can unscrew the rotor fittings (five minutes) and give them a good scrub down in warm soapy water (fifteen minutes), stand them up to dry for twenty-four hours (takes me no time at all) and then spray a two-second burst of WD-40 penetrating oil onto the motor shaft before re-assembling the lot (five minutes).

Then I will have a first-class pedestal fan in good condition.

Yes. It is Multi-Speed and Oscillating.

Toronto Transit

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The Toronto Starís Theo Moudakis has come up with another great cartoon.

Standing at the bus stop in the freezing mid-winter cold is our Mayor John Tory. He is not waiting for a bus. He is waiting for some Binding Decision after the Latest Study, which might (you never know) lead to somebody putting a shovel, as we say, in the ground.


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Bill Bryson is a popular writer. Besides writing humorous travel books, he writes about the English language Ė its origins and its proper use.

So it was with some dismay I read quotation from Tom Burnamís ďDictionary of MisinformationĒ) that an Olympic-sized swimming pool at 55 metres is well over a hundred yards.

Since a metre is a little over a yard (39 inches compared to 26) it would be fair to say that ďan Olympic-sized swimming pool at 55 metres is well over a fifty-five yardsĒ, but a hundred yards Ė never.

What is most disappointing is that Bill Bryson didnít pick up on the arithmetic error when quoting an arithmetic misunderstanding!