2016-02-19 Fri


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This just goes to show how much attention I don’t pay to news items (grin)

It is but two weeks since I learned that the Australian Car industry was shutting down.

Then I read about Ontario’s “two existing auto plants” in Brampton and Oshawa.

“What”, I asked myself “Happened to the huge Ford plant down at the QEW/401 highway split in Oakville?”

When did Ford go out of business?

(Later: Strange to report, Ford is adding 400 jobs to its plant as these two articles show )

Clear Thinking

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To answer the question: “Think!”.

Why would a self-proclaimed eco-conscious chap take part in a lottery to win a car, or an SUV?

If I am truly considering the ecology I would

(1) Use re-usable containers wherever possible

(2) Stop buying imported beverages

(3) Get a life.


(4) Cut down on the pastries, because chances are all that you’ll win at Tim Horton’s is a free coffee, a pastry, or a chance to play again.