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But who can afford to upload the movie to YouTube?


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Itís not so much ďdriverlessĒ as ďIt has a driver, but the driver is a computer program based outside the moving vehicleĒ. See? Itís just not a human being sitting behind the wheel in the vehicle.

No matter how you dice it, vehicles do not cause collisions.

Park a car at the side of the road, turn off the engine, remove the key, lock the doors and walk away with the keys. The car will not, can not, cause a collision in the state it is in.

To be sure if you have parked the car so that it blocks a driveway or a side street, someone else may drive into your car, but your chunk of metal and plastic can not be said to have caused the collision.

Get rid of the human behind the wheel and you have a pretty safe system In My Humble Opinion.

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Aye! Thereís the rub! As suggested above, if you park your car across someoneís driveway, that someone might get angry and try to bulldoze your car out of the way. Likewise, no matter how careful you drive, or some computer is programmed, all it takes is a suicidal (or drunk or angry or ...) maniac to decide to plough into you and we have a collision on our hands.

In short, the way to reduce collisions to a number approaching zero is to get all drivers out of vehicles, get all drivers away from the controls, and implement a system that has computer programs controlling where vehicles go.

Note how a flock of birds is NOT programmed as a flock, but that each bird is programmed, cloned almost, to maintain a safe distance away from its immediate neighbours.

Note how gracefully a flock of starlings swoops at dusk, at high speed, too.

Note how efficiently and purposely a flock of geese heads South and gets there on time.

Roll on the days when we donít need lane-markings or speed limits, when every vehicle sports the same program ďDonít get too close; donít get too far away; stay in line; use your neighbourís slip-stream.Ē