2016-02-03 Wed

Second Use For Everything (SUFE)

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So my Ecological Friends sent me a book, or more correctly, they ordered a book online and a company sent the book to me by regular postal mail. It is a great book, and I am reading a portion of it daily.

Better yet – it saved me a trip to the mall to purchase Adhesive Labels.

The clever parcel had a full-sheet adhesive sticker, a part of which was fixed to the outside of the cardboard cover as a mailing label.

The rest of the sheet, shown above, contains billing, shipping and tracking data.

And you know what I’ll do: I’ll cannibalize the label for fragments on which I can write “Chicken Stock” or “Broth” or “Pasta Water” and stick the scraps on the sides of jars destined for the refrigerator.

And on the sides of mini-cartons that partition my collection of maps.

And ...

Clear Thinking

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You can’t have it both ways!

I was struck by the middle-ground of this image, which does not present a middle ground.

In Ontario (and Canada) we have been waging a war of words on the custom of immigrants from the middle-east to wear all sorts of head-shrouding gear, to the extent of one applicant having her request granted to have all but here eyes covered during the public ceremony of citizenship.

It matters not (for my purposes) whether you are for or against.

But a typical argument runs “They (immigrants) should respect the customs of their chosen land”; that is, faces ought not to be covered in public. (“... otherwise you might be a bank robber ...”)

Now when high-ranking provincial officials, and provincial might be the correct term here, visit India – and note “visit” not “become citizens” – to a man they don the orange head scarf.

Got to fit in with the customs of the land, you know.

So if when Canadians go overseas they respect the customs of the land, why should not overseas people in Canada respect the customs of the land.

Especially if they intend to make a permanent commitment to settle?

Just askin’ ...