2016-02-01 Mon

Second Use For Everything (SUFE)

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN3592.JPG

Admittedly this bin complex is in a university, but still I think that the labeling is not beyond the comprehension of most Canadians.

I was struck by the clarity; the use of words rather than Graphic Design Graduate Artistry (“So, where do I put this strip of plastic?”)

I was also struck by the labels being applied at a slight angle; was this done purposely to attract my attention? If so, then it worked.

Specifically, having a slot marked “Waste To Landfill” leaves you in no doubt that if you put something in there, then you are being a Bad Citizen.


Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN3594.JPG

I would have used a Different Phrase, myself.