2016-01-31 Sun

Clear Thinking

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On the surface another scary story along the lines of ďthese electric cars arenít necessarily as clean as you think they areĒ because they use electricity that is generated from coal.

But think again.

Electric cars wonít take off until several critical masses have been reached:

(1)†A sufficient number of charging stations at every place that a car might be parked. At home; at the office; in the public parking lot.

(2)†A sufficient state of battery technology that letís us run for seven hours on a charge. (Current gasoline automobiles can net seven hours out of a tank of gas)

(3)†A sufficient state of battery RECHARGE technology that letís us charge up a car in about five minutes (which is what it takes us to re-fuel a gasoline or diesel automobile today)

Once we have a critical mass of electric cars on the road THEN we can switch the source of electrical power away from coal-fired, nuclear-powered or whatever the bogey-man is to something politically more suitable.

At which time we will have the electric cars, the charging stations, the recharge technology.

It will all be in place by then.

Thanks to coal-powered and gas-fired plants that have shouldered the burden until the new technologies are established.

The electric cars will be with us long after the last coal-fired power station has been demolished.

Donít Panic.

Recharge ...

Second Use For Everything (SUFE)

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I donít know why I didnít think of this sooner!

Grab those empty liquid detergent and bleach bottles that your neighbours toss out in their recycling bin.

Cut off the top; drill a small hole near the rim.

Screw the jug into the inside wall of your kitchen or bathroom sink cupboard.

(I have put my first one in place)

Pop a jar of detergent, powder, cleanser etc in the holster.

(I have my abrasive powder canister in my first holster)