2016-01-28 Thu


Are Pacific Islanders Human?

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I was raised in what is arguably the world’s most racist environment – Australia, known for its attitudes towards its Aboriginal population and towards people of Asian origin.

So I was fascinated by this paragraph from a North American newspaper, an article about venomous snakes washing up on Californian beaches, pointing out that the Indian and Pacific Oceans – and implicitly the shores those oceans lap – essentially don’t have many humans to threaten.

Which should be news to both Western Australians and those from The Eastern States.


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So the local rag hosted an article about those bags of “baby carrots” that trendies buy and take to work. “Look at me! I’m eating healthy and Organic and I’m Sooooo eco-aware!”

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And we are led to believe that this is a Good Thing because, see, baby carrot consumption doubled. Maybe twice as many people are now eating carrots, or the same old crowd is eating twice as many carrots, or some combination.

Gotta be good any way, right?

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The process is of course machine-driven. Carrots (as in pulled-from-the-ground) are peeled and chopped and trimmed into two-inch carrot-shaped sticks.

Think Fish Fingers but with a flair of design.

You have to ask, what happens to the peelings, shavings, and the odds and ends?

My theory is that they are tossed into the composter or the landfill.

So if baby carrot consumption has doubled, the waste of good food has more than doubled.

And that’s a Bad Thing.